Free Workshops

Family Education Workshops

We understand that when a loved one is coping with a substance use disorder, it affects the entire family.  Our free NJ Connect for Recovery Family Education Workshops are facilitated by Family Peer Specialists and provide a safe environment, teach concrete skills and communication techniques and evidence-based strategies for addressing substance use disorders and recovery.


Hosted By: NJ Resource Project & Life You Want Coaching

25 Pine Street, Meeting RM B

Stafford Township, NJ 08050

Every Tuesday, 6:30pm-8:00pm; June 4th – August 27th


Hosted By: CentraState Healthcare Systems

901 West Main St

Freehold , NJ 07728

Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus

Conference room B

Every Monday Starting April 15th at 7pm


Hosted By: Brighter Days Wellness Center

268 Bennett’s Mills road

Jackson, NJ 08527

May 2 open house

Time: TBA


Hosted By: Prevention Links

Every Thursday at 6pm

121 Chestnut St. Ground Floor, Roselle, NJ

Contact Niki Sumka for more information

Email:; Call 1-855-825-3275


Classes are generally 12 weeks and attendees are welcome to attend any or all sessions. Topics covered include:

Week 1- Introduction/Table of Contents

Week 2-Understanding Reactions & Behaviors

Week 3- Ambivalence / Enabling

Week 4- Communication Goals/Resilience

Week 5- Self Care/Managing Stress & Emotions

Week 6- You’re Not Alone/Shame & Self-Compassion

Week 7- Communicating Love

Week  8- Positive Communication/Advocating for Self  & Loved Ones

Week  9- Problem Solving / Family Collaboration

Week 10- Levels of Care / Reinforcement

Week 11- Consequences / Understanding Insurance

Week 12- Crisis Plan / Wrap Up / Resources

Week 13- Narcan Training

Insurance Navigation Seminar

The questions we get most frequently on the call line have to do with navigating the insurance landscape. Often, families have difficulty understanding what’s covered, how to optimize out-of-pocket cost savings, and how to fight back if coverage is denied for treatment.

The seminars, facilitated by NJ Connect for Recovery Insurance Specialist Claudia Beljean, will provide families and individuals with vital resources and information to help them identify in-network providers to increase cost savings and understand their policies as well as the levels of care that will be covered.

Stuart H. Weiner, Esq., Senior Attorney of the Community Health Law Project (CHLP), will also be on hand to explain the appeals process if coverage for treatment is denied. The free seminar will address the following topics:

  • Current laws regarding substance use disorder treatment and what private insurance is required to cover
  • “In-network” exceptions for private insurance
  • Information on the appeals process in the event coverage is denied
  • Questions to ask treatment providers when selecting a program and how to identify red flags

Upcoming Seminar dates are TBA.