Calls Answered Live

If you believe that you have a problem with addiction to heroin or prescription painkillers please call us. 

The NJ Connect for Recovery Call Line is a free, confidential service. It is a safe, nonjudgmental place where you can get support and assistance from professional staff members regarding substance use issues. (The Call Line also offers a peer warmline service for family members or friends who are concerned with the substance use of a loved one.)

Asking for assistance is important and hard. Our staff provides support that can help you.

Our Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADCs) are specially trained to help you examine personal situations and explore the issues involved. This includes offering guidance and honest discussion to callers who may not be sure that they have a problem. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you create and develop personal relapse prevention plans, as well as identifying triggers to use and dealing with cravings.  They can also provide you with real- time information on how to gain treatment for opioid addiction.

The support does not stop at the end of the first call. Staff will offer you a follow-up call to check-in and provide ongoing support.

About NJ Connect for Recovery

Calls are answered live weekdays 10 8 p.m., weekends 5 10 p.m. Multilingual and TTY services are available.